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Why Calgary is a great place to invest

Calgary has been put through the wringer, yet it holds rank in the top 5 best livable cities in the world for the last 10 years!

Toronto and Vancouver are the leading markets in Canada and have set the bar high for the rest of us. 

So What makes Calgary worth the investment? What parts of our economy make Calgary successful and strong?


Calgary Economic & Housing Outlook August 2018

What’s Really Happening in our Calgary Economy?   Will our Real Estate Market stay soft or can it improve next year? 

Get the facts, watch the video. 

If you would like to take a look at the report yourself, ...

April 2018 market Report

Calgary's Market is on the RISE! We've had a rough year or so, and in the past few months, we are seeing a change in that pattern. Take a look at these graphs to see the statistics. If you've been thinking about purchasing a home... NOW IS THE TIME! Get in before the market goes back up! 

For further data, you can always reach out to us and we can go over your specific questions. 

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yyc April market report

yyc April Market report...

Monthly Market Report

Calgary's Real Estate Market Report as of October 31, 2017

Calgary Real Estate Market Report