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Rob Vanovermeire, Calgary Author & Realtor

Since 1999, I’ve sold homes in almost every neighbourhood in Calgary. Over the years, I’ve learned a tremendous amount regarding buying homes, selling homes, property management, and the real estate market. I want to share that knowledge with you. My book series is a way for you to benefit from over a decade working as a broker and licensed Agent® in the Calgary market, plus my skill as a certified Master Negotiator. I’ve taught other Agents® about buying and selling, negotiation, and the Real Estate Act for years. Take advantage of my expertise by obtaining a free copy of one of my books.

“The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.”

-Charlie Munger

Wealthy Home Seller Secrets

When you’re a buyer, you love getting a great deal on a new home. As a seller, though, your goal is to maximize your profit. And even a small mistake can cost you thousands of dollars.

Wealthy homeowners know how to sell property the right way. Even tiny adjustments can reap big rewards. On a $10 million home, a 1% increase in the sales price equals an extra $100,000!

Affluent sellers do what it takes to get top dollar for their homes. You may not own a million-dollar property, but you can still maximize your revenue. With the right home selling strategies, you can make at least $10,000 to $30,000 more when selling a $200,000 home.

In Wealthy Home Seller Secrets, I break down what affluent home sellers do differently. I reveal their strategies, secrets, and tips. Most importantly, I show you how to use these tactics when selling your own home.

Claim your free copy of Wealthy Home Seller Secrets today. Why am I giving away this book? It’s because I know that the strategies you’ll learn can make you enough extra money to send your kid to college, buy a new car, or do a nice remodel on your next home. Learn more about the tips and tricks you’ll learn from Wealthy Home Seller Secrets.

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How to Sell “Hard to Sell” Homes

Have you ever heard of an “unsellable home?” I believe there’s no such thing. When a home doesn’t sell, it’s usually due to a simple mistake (or two) that could have been easily avoided.

Common wisdom holds that a too-high price is the main reason a home doesn’t sell. Of course, you could sell any home if you gave it away, but you’re looking for a good return and maximized revenue. And I have good news—price is not necessarily the reason a home isn’t selling.

I meet homeowners every day who have had someone give them bad advice and try to convince them that “you just need to drop the price and your home will sell.” I’m tired of people thinking that dropping the price is the only way to sell a “hard to sell” home. This is such a common issue that I wrote a book about how to solve it!

My book reveals how to get “hard to sell” homes sold for top dollar—fast. My goal with this book is to give you the information you need to look at the problems first and the price last. If every other issue restricting a home’s sale has been addressed, then and only then should a price adjustment be considered. But the price is not what I start with.

Claim a copy of my free book and determine the reasons why your home may not be selling. I guarantee that you’ll learn valuable strategies for selling your home quickly while maximizing your revenue.

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